Coaching und Hundetraining für Windhunde und ihre Besitzer

Dog behaviourist specialist for Sighthounds and Podencos

  • hundetraining für windhunde
  • coaching für windhunde und ihre besitzer
  • coaching für windhunde und ihre besitzer
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  • ablein-management für windhunde
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  • hundetrainer für windhunde


Coaching especially for Sighthounds and their owners. I help you to understand your partner Sighthound to feel like him and I will bring you on the path to a wonderful partnership.
A Sighthound for ever on the leash is like the sky without stars or a summer day without sunshine.

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Consultation for sighthound owner


I am glad to advise you:
* at misbehave * before purchasing or adopting a Sighthound * a Sighthound is moving in what shall I consider? *

coaching for sighthounds


Option A

You want to change the handling with your Sighthound and to tighten and deepen your relationship with him.

Option B

To correct unwanted behavior.


philosophy dog training


A person should choose their favorite animal and study it until he sees the innocence of his behavior and may interpret his sounds and movements.

coaching für windhunde und ihre besitzer

About me

Since 30 years I live with Sighthounds and I am a foster home for more than 10 years. Thereby I take particular Sighthounds who displaying behavioral problems i.e. anxious or aggressive.

Monika Mosch

As most people, I grew up with dogs and I was an active rider and have dealt intensively with the training of horses. Since the millennium change I focused primarily on Sighthounds, their nature, their needs and how to "read" them. Much of what I know I do not have learned in the various training courses for dog behavior and dog training, but rather by these wonderful beings. I live with my Borzoi Illidan and the Italian greyhounds Amadeo and Percy in Hamburg.

For me it is still important that my Sighthounds can run off leash anywhere. A Sighthounds always on leash is like the sky without stars, like a summer day without sunshine. The way to go isn’t that rocky and I am sureI can help you.

"Leadership is always clear, structured and obvious. To manage a communication on the same level you first have to turn of humanization in the interpretation of your dogs behavior. "

The Sighthounds is looking for a harmonious partnership, understanding without big words and gestures. You have to feel and think like a Sighthounds, only then you are on the right path to build a harmonious human-dog-relationship.

To deal with dog or animals you never finish one's training, for me that includes that I will educate myself regularly, to look at other philosophies, training approaches and procedures.

I am a Member of DWZRV (German Sighthound and Racing Association e.V.) and (professional association for professional dog trainer)

DWZRVassociation for professional dog trainer


Regardless, which "problem" you have - whether you want to purchase a Sighthound or your Sighthound has appropriated undesirable behaviors you are interested in working at the freewheel of your Sighthound off leash or your Sighthound lives out his hunting instinct, feel free to contact me, I am sure I am able to help you.

I will help in the education, I will sensitize you for the signals your Sighthound is showing and bring you to the right path for a harmonious friendship between the two of you.

Detailed consultation (120 Minuten)
with specific problem default 120 €

Coaching unit (45 Minuten) 60 €

Training walk/examination (90 Minuten) 75 €

Compact training at your place or in Hamburg (starting from 2 days on) from 300 €

I only give individual private lessons.
Groups and seminars you will find among the „dates“
To make an appointment contact me via the contact form here on the website
or call +49 171 77 35 196.

Courses, seminars and private lessons at your place.

If you are a group (minimum 6 participants) of Sighthound owners. I 'm also happy to visit you.

The following list help you to determine when I'm in where. Book me in a single lesson or a course / seminar with a group of minimum 6 people:

coaching sighthound and owner

The Sighthound looks for a harmonious partnership, understanding without big words and gestures. You have to feel and think like a Sighthound only then you are on the right path to build a harmonious human-dog-relationship.

HANDLING. The heart of the Sighthound you conquer with liberties you can give him. Space means trust and trust is a requirement in any partnership.

TRUST. Sighthounds are sensitive, remember capable and intent on harmony. The trust in a working partnership with the humans of many Sighthounds from abroad welfare is mostly shattered.

A LIFE OFF LEASH. Is possible and should belong to the desire of every Sighthound owner. It's a long road and a lot of work and training with the Sighthound but it is doable. All my Sighthounds run off leash even in the city.

HUNTING MOTIVATION. Hunting motivation of a Sighthound is always a huge challenge to any Sighthound owner. Surely you can’t break the hunting loose of the Sighthound but you can make it controllable.

FEARS. If you have a Sighthound which is struggling due to its past with fear then you need patience. Patience does not mean to pack your protege in cotton wool but help him to overcome his fears.

AGGRESSION. Aggressive behavior is rarely found among Sighthounds. If your Sighthound is aggressive towards people and animals, it is always because of a reason and it is the task of a human to spot them.

Flavio | FEAR DOG

I got Flavio on 05/06/2010 as foster dog. At this time Flavio was already 7 months in Germany and showed at his foster home following behaviors: Aggression towards other dogs, at first only "small" dogs and later bigger dogs too. Flavio was only walked out on a leash, because the foster family feared he would run off as soon as he were off leash. Flavio rose and raged on a leash as soon as he saw another dog from a distance and snapped and began to "scream". In the garden, he showed no abnormalities, even when other dogs came for a visit. Flavio was walked with a harness and a collar as he was reputed to be uncontrollable.

Frist impression

My first impression of Flavio was a completely disturbed, insecure dog, his eyes stood out of sheer fear and panic. He responded neither to my words or to the words of his foster family. He just lay there apathetic and fearful. Even when his foster family left the room he didn’t made any attempts to run after them nor he catch a glimpse after the door.
On the way home (the handover happened in my office), Flavio showed to be extremely sensitive to noises, was afraid of any kind of person but was controllable on the leash. His hypersensitive reaction were suspicious when pressure came to his harness. I undressed him at home and never put the harness back on him again.

Deformity of the right joint


Tension in the lumbar region and you can see the white in his eye


All in all a braced Sighthound



Londres had isolated himself from dogs and humans of the shelter in Spain. He was aggressive with other dogs and you couldn’t think of him having confidence in people.
Londres was in his world of fear. He has learned to attack another dog rapidly, massive and unannounced to intimidate the "enemy". Londres threatened other dogs from afar.
Spyder and me only saw a puzzle which we had to analyze and bring all loose parts with lots of patience and a clear leadership in order to a contented and socially acceptable dog life.
After many tests that helped me to assess Londres behavior and to find the cause of his incident. I realized that he would rather rely on himself not ready to be on a human-dog / dog -human or dog-dog relationship.
Through a specifically training with Londres I build up some trust in 6 weeks. We daily made progress and also had some setbacks.
Controlled he could run off leash in a dog less area but mentally Londres was still not stable and I decided to test him if he would enjoy a "special" task. At the beginning he escorted me on the bicycle later Londres pulled me on a scooter. We had a single course with Michael Tetzner because I don’t wanted to harm Londres physically. Daily we could run for 4-5 km with good instruction and the right equipment. Whereby it was very important to me that Londres was only trotting.
Have a look at our scooter course video here: Londres Roller (password: Londres)
Training on Roller caused the breakthrough so it was possible that Londres could meet other dogs without attacking them. Londres was nearly 3 months with me and mid-September he resettled in his own family. They still work with him but he now is just a normal Sighthound who enjoys his life.

courses, seminar, workshops and „challenges“ 2018

A person should choose their favorite animal and study it until he sees the innocence of his behavior and may interpret his sounds and movements.

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Friends we like

Leiky dog ​​food. A very great offer awaits you at Leiky, specially for sighthounds. An absolute energy highlight are the meat bites (lamb or beef). The high fat content in this power-brownie is the ideal snack for on the go. Whether it's a day at the beach, a hike or a race / coursing, the meat bites hold high-dosed energy.
The entire Leiky range is very impressive.

Christina Blum Photography - I owe her much! Many of this beautiful pictures on my website are made by her.

The discovery of 2015, „Bolleband“ from Hamburg. Magnificent leather collars, leashes and the "thing" that free your hands - In the summer for ice, and in the winter you can comfortably rub your hands and your dogs are safe on the CLICK-To-Go!

Tina Wassing the mobile vet is specialized in Sighthounds and horses. She herself is a Sighthounds owner and has a huge Sighthound-knowledge. She is focused on biological veterinary medicine.

Gülay Ücüncü dog training and behavior counseling. A competent trainer colleague. I really like her philosophy particularly: "Dogs bring people together in conversation, even with themself - this social symbiosis makes living with dogs always colorful and fascinating!.

The "dogz box", a awesome gift for your dog. My Sighthounds are always happy when the monthly surprising box arrives with the postman. We do not wanna miss a box so we have 3 monthly subscription for each dog.


Honestly I have to admit at first I was very skeptical why would I need this? I imagined a very complicated strap-up-procedure and in the end I was impressed by the easy handling of the CLIK-TO-GO .

A slim piece of soft leather designed by Sylvia ( which pack a punch.

Ausprobiert und schon war das CLICK-TO-GO in meinem Alltag mit den Hunden nicht mehr weg zu denken .

Once I have tested it and I can’t imagine my everyday life with the dogs without the CLICK-TO-GO. Without further ado I connected my short leather leash with it and I knew I needed a matching leather leash individually tailored for my large and small Sighthounds.

See my short video of the Bolleband test here.

The leash for the bigger dogs is 22 inches long and my smaller dogs fit best a length of 30 inches.

But I'm sure Sylvia by Bolleband will advice you accordingly.

feed test

Subject group: Amadeo & Percy, the italian greyhounds.
subject group Platinum dog food test Mai 2015 test period: 18.05. - 23.05.2015

Both Italian greyhounds liked the food of Platinum overall very much and my big Sighthounds were almost a bit jealous that they couldn’t attend the test and again only the bonsai Sighthounds could enjoy the delicacies out of the glossy bag.
I stuck to the feeding recommendations on the packaging which provide both 85 - 115g per day. We started with 100g per day and dog.
After 2 days both had already slimmed and I increased the feed portion to 150g to the joy of the dogs. At the end of the test period I increased it again about 50g. The fur become slightly lackluster.
Conclusion: The food tasted the dogs well overall but the fat content of 16% in Platinum Adult Chicken is too low for Sighthounds so you should also feed them some extra fat.
Compared to my other food for all 3 dogs the portion had to be significantly increased to avoid a weight loss. I feed them 40 + 60g per dog of my other food which has a fat content of 30%. The small portion is better for these small stomaches - okay Percy and Amadeo of course have a different opinion and every Italian greyhound owner knows they are generally less realistic in estimating sizes.
It rather would be interesting to test the dry food for a longer period under the addition of fat. How would they cope with it and how much do they really need to keep them fit and happy.
Definitely it was great fun and I think the subjects also enjoyed it. Food test for Platinum
Feed test for Platinum

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide

The number of dog owners who have purchased a Sighthound or Podenco and then realize that outside these dogs are very different as at home is getting bigger. I often hear the following statements: "In the house he is so calm with us and the children, loving and cuddly. He stays at home alone and also with the cats inside he has no problems. But then outside I feel I have another dog on the leash.“ You probably know “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“ by the british author Robert Louise Stevenson. Sighthounds and Podenco aren’t good or evil souls they simply have strong genetics they are born to hunt. You can’t re-training hunting behavior not by anti-hunting training and not with distraction.

If you want to be partners instead of only the holder of your dog, I can help you to build up a human-dog-relationship to lead your dogs attention to you and off woods and fields where rabbit, deer and mice are. The basic is always the social relationship and bond between you and your dog. Rewarding with social credits less then with distraction and diversion through treats. Sooner or later they become inflationary in many cases or someday you will realize that even quality treats wouldn’t bring the desired action. I often hear the argument „But I always praise my dog" but did your dog still see it as a praise too? It quickly completely loses its effect and the depth in the context of your relationship.

With a Sighthound and Podenco you can’t walk in the "auto-pilot mode“. With your mobile phone at the one ear, chatting with the girlfriend or comfortably looking over the landscape - that is not possible with such a hunting hardwired dog. Lay down rules and make sure to follow them acurate, act preventive, be proactive and train your eye to watch your dog. At the point when your dog starts undesirable behavior you have to admonish him and establish your rules every time. You too should recognize good behavior so you can enjoy it together.

A solid basic training of a horse takes a minimum of 3 years. To encourage the horse under the consideration of health, talent and quality of training you get a reliable and good horse with confident skills. Take your time to learn the basic rules with necessary consistency and persistence for a common coexistence. Encourage and strengthen your social bond and relationship with spending some good quality time with your dog. It just needs some long walks - stoll about in the common territory and sometimes in foreign territories. If you are emotionally and mentally with your Sighthound / Podenco you can achieve much more than with super jackpot, distraction and alternative occupation. You are the specialist in the human world and your perspective hunter is the specialist if you "allow" him to be a specialist whether on the racetrack, coursing, or mice, seagull and crow catching.

Challenge for humans with dog.

Together with Gülay and her dog school "küstenschnuten" I organize since 2014 the Dog-Challenge Hamburg an event for people with dogs.

We do not meet at the dog place or on the sports field but somewhere in the nature in the Hamburg area.

Gülay and I have come up with an exciting concept and we promise you and your four-legged friend an eventful walk in the beautiful areas around Hamburg. Problems have to be solved, riddles to be guessed, you have to show teamwork, think tactically and last but not least you have to demonstrate that you do a great team with your dog.

Because the number of participants is limited to 16 human-dog teams there will be 3 challenges a year.
Every spring, summer and autumn we present you and your dog with a challenge.
Get of the sofa dear Sighthounds and owners.
You can expect an exciting program, great entertainment and the winners of the Challenge get great prizes. More we don’t want to reveale yet.

Non-sighthounds and their owners are of course welcome too. Bitches in heat and puppies can unfortunately not participate. Thank you for your comprehension.
We look forward to healthy, socially acceptable two- and four-legged friends.

All other details and the dates for the challenges you will find
on the event site
Hundechallenge Hamburg

Venue: Hamburg area. Address / location will be announced only to registered participants.

You can expect an exciting, eventful Challenge, promised!

Compact training

at your place or in Hamburg area. You have several Sighthounds or want to work intensively on a specific behavior? Then you can book a compact training with me.
I come to you or you come to Hamburg for a city-holiday or to enjoy the Elbbeaches with your Sighthounds.
The Compact Training is individual to your Sighthound or Sighthound group.

You decide where and how long. Starting from 6 units divided into 2 or 3 days. Costs:
6 units Compact Training 300€ (2-3 days)
8 units Compact Training 420€ (3-4 days)
10 units Compact Training 540€ (4-5 days)
12 units Compact Training 660€ (5-6 days)
Excl. travel and accommodation costs, if the training is at your place. If you would like to come to Hamburg I will send you a list with pet friendly accommodations.
If you are interested in a compact training, just send me an email to or give me a call.

Under "Dates" you can check out
which countries or area I planed to come this year.
If your country or area is not listed, you can contact me for your individual schedule.

Please contact me for individual appointments.

Trainer für Windhunde
Dog Trainer for Sighthounds and Podencos


Mobile phone: +49 171 77 35 196

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